About Us

Sinovest Travel is a travel agency that provides Group Travel Visas to China to U.S. citizens via a specialized online platform. Travelers are able to submit their visa applications online from the comfort of their own home and get their visa without having to waste time and money going to the embassy or sending out their passport. We aim to provide the most convenient and time efficient method of visa application.

How does the visa application work?

Applicants must first register by creating an online account. Once the account is created, the online application form must be filled out. Then applicants must upload a copy of their valid passport, their flight itinerary and confirmation of a hotel reservation. The final step is payment of the visa with a credit/debit card. The total fee is $175 plus tax.


How long does the visa application process usually take?

Applicants can expect a physical copy of their group travel visa via express mail within 3 business days of the visa application if the application is approved by the Port Visa Division of the Ministry of Public Security of the People'€™s Republic of China.

How many days is the visa valid for?

Upon visa application acceptance, traveler have 30 valid days on their visa but must enter China within 15 days of the visa acceptance.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of numbers needed for the group visa?

The minimum requirement for the group visa is at least 2 travelers and there is no up limit.

Required Documents

Group Visa

a. Scanned Copy of Passport

You must provide a clear SCANNED COPY of your VALID passport personal information page. Passport must be valid for six months beyond the length of your requested visa. (In this case, At least 7 months before your entry date).

b. Scanned Copy of Flight Itinerary

You must provide a clear SCAN COPY of your flight information. It should include these key elements: Flight number, Name, Date, and Confirmation Code (number) or Ticket Number, so it can be verified if it's necessary.

c. Scanned Copy of Hotel Booking Confirmation

You must provide a clear SCAN COPY of your hotel reservation confirmation. It should include these key elements: Hotel Name, Hotel Address, Traveler Name, Check-in date, Length of stay, Booking/Confirmation Number.


Group Visa

$175 USD per person. Includes Visa Application Fee, Service Fee, Shipping and Handling.

* Physical Copy will ship to the applicators